Friday 12 December 2008

Spam (no, sadly not a reference to Monty Python)

Have you had spam (junk mail) purporting to be from Where's Runnicles? If so, we apologise, but we didn't send it. Some horrible individual, not content to waste everyone's time by flooding them with junk, decided that rather than send such rubbish from their own address, they would pretend it was from us (presumably so that they wouldn't have to wade through the 3,000 or so and still counting e-mails that were returned undeliverable).

Anyway, as you might perhaps expect, we feel rather violated by this. Unfortunately, it seems there's little or nothing to be done about this deliberate and malicious assault upon our reputation and our honour. However, should you receive any such spam, you can always report it via services such as Spamcop which will notify the administrator of the network responsible for the original e-mails that they have a spammer (but please make sure you don't report us accidentally because we didn't send it; we have never sent spam and we never will).

On the off chance the worthless individual responsible is reading this: sir, or ma'am, you owe us an apology. After which, kindly do us and the rest of the world a favour by first locating some integrity and secondly getting a real job. If you must continue to spam, you should remember the words of Aaron Sorkin (well, assuming you've ever heard them to begin with, which somehow I suspect you haven't):

When I write something, I sign my name to it.

Those, such as yourself, who do otherwise are beneath contempt.

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