Wednesday 24 November 2010

Interview with Gregory Batsleer (Chorus Master of the SCO Chorus)

Way back in March, I had the chance to interview Donald Runnicles and it marked the launch of the Where's Runnicles podcast.  I said at the time that I hoped it would be the first of many.  The second has been a little while coming, but I hope you'll agree it's worth the wait.

Back in August, I met the Scottish Chamber Orchestra's new Chorus Master, Gregory Batsleer.  In the interview, he talks about topics including how he got into singing, how he works with the choir and other ensembles, outreach, the choir's programme for this season and more.  There's also some interesting discussion about their superb performance in Idomeneo at the Festival (the interview was recorded on the morning of the concert).

Tomorrow and Friday, those in Edinburgh and Glasgow will have the chance to hear the results of Batsleer's work when the SCO Chorus perform Handel's Messiah with the orchestra, conductor Andrew Layton and soloists including Christine Rice and Matthew Rose, so what better time to get an insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

You can listen in a variety of ways, get it directly from Audioboo, download it straight into iTunes, or subscribe to the feed if you use some other software.  Or, if all of that's greek to you, just click on the player below and it should all work seamlessly.



Anonymous said...

He needs to get some better singers in the sco chorus. They were awful in messiah. Surely it would be better to use rsamd chorus.

Tam Pollard said...

I wasn't at Messiah so I can't comment on that specific performance, but the SCO Chorus are generally excellent in my experience.

Anonymous said...

Give Greg time.

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