Tuesday 2 February 2010

The third instalment of our infamous, absurdly time-delayed, tweet by tweet, coverage of Pop Star to Opera Star

There was no live tweeting on Friday (I had been at a colleague's leaving do, and returned a little too merry). Then, over the weekend, between a trip to War and Peace and some DIY not going entirely according to plan, I didn't feel at all in the mood.

However, Monday evening found me full of mushroom risotto and armed with a nice glass of wine. Bed beckoned, but somehow the prospect of being rude about terrible TV was more appealing.

So, here it is, tweet by tweet (albeit absurdly time delayed), as @wheresrunnicles saw it.

Warning, as with previous instalments, the following may contain traces of irony:

I should be going to bed now, instead I am commencing my much delayed live-ish tweeting of Friday's #popstarstooperastars

Tonight's whisky is, in fact, not whisky but instead a rather nice glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc

Jimmy is to sing a proper aria - that's a novelty. I wonder where they got the idea to do that

Good grief - who is that with the Marge Simpson tribute hair??!!!

Is Ronaldo Villazon now taking the same medication as Meat Loaf?

I'd say this lady singing Carmen has a slightly thin voice but that would be an understatement

I'm sure everyone said it on Friday, but how the [multiple expletives deleted] can a part possibly belong to someone who's never sung it!!!

Steady on Meat Loaf - there may be children watching (though for the sake of them ever developing a taste for opera I sincerely hope not)

"left him relying on the public to save him" hang on, don't they all?

side note, there's been nary a mention of the show at work (& normally my colleagues don't miss a chance to gas about talent shows)

which is my roundabout way of suggesting I don't think either that ratings can be very good, or this is likely to bring in new audiences

Alan thinks he's just been to the opera does he? Clearly he's never actually been then!

now judging them as opera stars are they - they don't resemble opera stars to my obviously inept ears

She's going to try the Queen of the Night aria - this should be funny

Because, of course, the Queen of the Night only has the one aria.......

Actually, in fairness, she didn't disgrace herself (though it was in the wrong key)

Listen Meat Loaf, pal, don't quote Shakespeare unless you can get it right: he did not say "call out the dogs of war"

Oh my God, they've got Russell Watson to help this guy (I feel rather sorry for him)

[Whichever pop star it was, not Russell Watson.]

Apologies for the delay there - I had to pause as twitter wasn't letting me update my status!

[The beauty of this summary is that, hopefully, there is no apparent delay. Of course, that does mean the last tweet makes precious little sense.]

Hmm - I just can't place what opera this 'Time to Say Goodbye' thing comes from....

Again I'm impressed with their ability to flummox me with obscure repertoire

@mlaffs I clearly have so much to learn from this show!

[@mlaffs had enlightened me to the fact that the Queen of the Night aria is the only thing Mozart ever wrote.]

Grenada - good lord, it's all go tonight, I've no idea which opera this comes from either.

But according to wikipedia that well known opera singer Frank Sinatra sang it, so it must be just another shocking gap in my knowledge

[And here's the wikipedia link if you're remotely curious.]

Darius had the chance to be classically trained, passed it up, but he's apparently making up for it now

Really? Perhaps my classically trained friends can correct me, but I doubt they went through anything much like this

Hmm a 50yr old singing Cherubino. Are they going for the Ian Bostridge/Captain Vere miscasting award?

Well, she tried very hard, and did creditably well, bless her, but it just didn't work

Hey, how come she doesn't get feedback from the judges? That surely isn't fair

Ah sorry, I spoke too soon there (the perils of live tweeting). Well, I say live.....

Wow, Ronaldo Villazon's career finally reaches the dizzy heights of singing amplified on TV - those years in opera houses weren't wasted!

Wow - they didn't bring it down to a tie-break this week. The panel was unanimous but I didn't think there was much to choose

Danielle de Niese is on next week. No, say it ain't so, surely she's better than that! :(

And that concludes tonight's massively time delayed live tweeting of Friday's #popstartooperastar

Don't worry, though, where's Runnicles will return to live tweet next week's [insert appropriate adjective here] instalment. It will not be live, of course (maybe one day, perhaps), instead I'll be at a proper concert, in London no less; but, via the magic of the internet, or by some other means, whisky, or equivalent alcoholic beverage, in hand, there will be tweets. Hopefully you'll not have to wait four days for them. Until then, I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it.

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