Thursday 10 September 2009

Ears Today - 2009-09-09

A number of people on twitter had spotted that today's date had lots of nines in it, and therefore suggested listening to nine ninth symphonies. If it was a weekend I'd probably have done so, but on a work day it wasn't practical.

I could have made a better stab but, truth be told, I was a little tired this morning (owing to staying up late into the early hours for Plinth-a-lele) so I totally forgot on the bus to work and was instead accompanied by a nice fourth symphony (Tchaikovsky's with Jansons and the Oslo Philharmonic).


On the way home it was back to the Economist (I'm nearly only a week behind now, though given the new issue is out tomorrow.....).


Once home it was another run for Jansons' Bavarian Tchaikovsky four (since there hadn't been quite time to finish it before Plinth-a-lele started).


This was followed by my stab at the ninth symphonies. Perhaps my favourite ninth, though I love so many of them so much, is Schubert. And there are many wonderful ones to choose from: Mackerras, Furtwangler, Jochum, Giulini, Bernstein, Rattle, Kleiber and many more. However, on the suggestion of @ViolaMaths and others, I gave Boult and the LPO a try thanks to Spotify (I do have a Boult recording but it's from the 30s and the sound is dire). The result of this recording is pretty impressive, and thoroughly deserving of the great recordings marque.


@BBCMusicMag recommended Harnoncourt's recording with the Concertgebouw. Sadly I didn't have time, but I've tracked it down on Spotify and will listen before too long.

Then it was another viewing of Plinth-a-lele (this time round, i.e. not live, the internet stream suffered not the ghost of an interruption).

Finally, while ironing my shirt for the morning, and before going to bed, it was back to the economist.

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