Wednesday 23 September 2009

Ears Today, Gone Tomorrow

The more attentive of you may have noticed that I haven't posted an Ears Today in a little while, not for very nearly two weeks in fact.

Why not? Well, I've been struggling a little to find the time. It's true that I have been doing it in a slightly long winded way, and with pictures which probably aren't necessary, but that's how I want to do it and I'm not sure I'd be happy doing it a quicker way (this shouldn't, incidentally, be taken as criticism of the way @violamaths does it, whose enjoyable posts are the whole reason I started writing these; it's just that that isn't really my style).

There are other writing things that are a higher priority for me (mainly for this website, and one or two other things that may appear in due course), so I'm going to let the ears fall by the wayside.

Except, of course, that while just a basic list doesn't quite fit with my style for this site, there is one place it does fit very well: twitter. So the ears will live on with twitter updates for what I'm listing to right now (follow them here).

Sorry to all those who enjoyed them for the brief time they were here. It's always possible that they may make the odd cameo when time permits.

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