Saturday 29 August 2009

Ears Today - 2009-08-28

The Ears have haven't had too much on their plate today, but that's what comes of a 9-6 shift in the venue (rewarding though it is, I'm rather glad there's only one day left).

They took a rest from the Economist this morning, opting instead for the recently purchased first series of the Radio Four comedy Cabin Pressure.

The Ears then heartily enjoyed Deneve's performance of Romeo and Juliet (see review here).

Rather than coming straight home to type it up (and thus have the opportunity for more listening), I instead made my way to Sandy Bells, a pub on Forrest Road, famous for it's folk music, the choice dictated by it being our chosen gathering point for venue volunteers. There may well have been some music in the background, but such was the throng and general hubbub (which gives the pub its 'charm') the Ears didn't pick up on any.

Then it was home to write up the review, and what better company than Romeo and Juliet, this time in a live recording from Davis and the London Symphony Orchestra.


I didn't finish it, it was well past time for bed by this point.

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